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Bank Statement / Reconciliations

Allow me to input your bank statements and reconcile your accounts at the end of each month. This will allow you to keep things clean and accurate when it comes to your businesses. Reconciliation is the foundation of bookkeeping.

Monthly Operating Reports

Once all of your bank statements, credit cards, loans and other accounts are entered and reconciled, I will create monthly operating reports to review how your business is operating. 

Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable

Do you need assistance inputing your vendor invoices and reconciling vendor statements?  I can also asset you with recording your sales while tracking customer payments and amounts due accurately.

Sales Tax Preparation

Is your businesses responsible for collecting sales taxes and filing them accordingly with the state department of taxation?  I'll assist you in compiling monthly sales reports, calculating and preparing the appropriate sales tax returns. T

Bookkeeping clean up

Mishaps occur in recording transactions sometimes and I'm here to help you with those errors.  I'm able to assist you in cleaning up your erroneous bookkeeping entries and balancing your accounts so we can get a firm base from which to progress..


  • In your home or office

  • Online

  • Offsite at GB Productions


Bookkeeping and CPA Services

  • Bank & Credit Card Statement Inputs/Reconcilliations

  • Monthly Operating Reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, etc.)

  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable

  • Bookkeeping Clean up and More

  • CPA Services offered through Boehme & Boehme, Las Vegas, NV



Meeting your bookkeeping needs with personalized and trustworthy service


Whether you have an existing business or are just starting your business, I can help you track your financial progress. Accurate bookkeeping is an essential part of every successful business. Your new books can be set up using QuickBooks® accounting software, or for an existing business, we can use a QuickBooks® company file you already have in use.


Setting up your books at your office is quick and easy, or I can set up your books using QuickBooks® Online. Secure remote access to your company file is available through LogMeIn® software should you wish me to access your computer remotely. Regardless of how your company is set up, I'm available to pick up your paper records as required and keep you on track.